10 Best Habits for Older Adults

July 22, 2020

1. Eat healthy.

The digestive system slows down with age, so high-fiber fruits, vegetables and whole grains are as important as ever. Also, older adults should drink plenty of water.

2. Focus on prevention.

Preventative care visits, including health screenings for cholesterol levels, colon cancer, heart problems and more, qualify for Medicare coverage. Older adults should also get vaccinations that can help prevent influenza and pneumonia.

3. Get information on medication management.

Ask about and review medications with their physician on a regular basis. Consider possible drug interactions and take note of any new symptoms (allergic reactions, drowsiness, loss of appetite and others) the senior shows after changing or starting medications.

4. Get some sleep.

Frequent waking and insomnia in the night are common among seniors. Turn the lights down in the evening to spur drowsiness and make sure the senior’s bedroom is comfortable, cool and quiet.

5. Remember mental health.

It's important for older adults to do crossword puzzles, read and write and try new hobbies to stimulate their minds and engage with the world around them. Activities like these can ward off a decline in mental health.

6. Screen for vision changes.

Older adults who wear glasses should have their prescription checked every year for changes and have their eyes screened for health issues. Having proper vision can prevent the possibility of a fall.

7. Socialize.

Time spent with family and grandchildren help seniors feel connected, especially if they have mobility issues. Those visits can also make seniors feel more upbeat, which is the best medicine at any age.

8. Stay physically active.

Exercise not only alleviates depression but improves energy and memory. An exercise program approved by a physician, long walks or short strolls can keep seniors healthier longer.

9. Take advantage of free physicals.

10. Visit the dentist every six months.

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