7 Compelling Reasons Why Our Residents Live Happier, Healthier and Longer Lives

July 13, 2019

We rush to get through childhood and puberty, only to find ourselves caught up in the rat race of adulthood, building a career and raising a family. Before you blink, the kids are out of school and we’re looking at retirement. Finally…a chance to slow down and enjoy life! Where did the time go?


Sadly, many older adults who find themselves at home without children (and sometimes a spouse) gradually begin to disconnect themselves from society. It becomes harder to get around, and there are fewer friends and social events to attend. With children spread around the state or country, many adults are isolated and left to their own care. Who is watching over them? What motivation do they have to stay active or mentally sharp? And without a family to cook for, meals become frozen dinners or nutritionally empty snacks.


Time to reflect.

We rush through life so eager to get to the next stage, that when we get to retirement and finally have time to reflect, we question our remaining value. It’s so important to see what’s ahead, and not look back and what is behind. That’s why this phase of life is so critical to our wellbeing as adults. Humans have to have a REASON for living, a MOTIVATION to being active and an INCENTIVE to stay sharp and healthy. There’s so much to look forward to; live purposefully!


The silver lining.

During our later years, we finally have more time and freedom to do all the things we want. Socialize, have fun, take on hobbies…the world is our oyster! Now all we need is opportunity, energy and…just a little “push”! That’s why our residents enjoy such full, happy, healthy lives. Statistically, they live longer than their peers and they have a better quality of life, full of laughter, good food and tons of things to do.


Here are just some of the reasons that our residents enjoy such a flourishing and fulfilling life:

1. Social attachments.

People of every age live better lives when they have people who need them, and they feel loved and cared for. When you live in a home full of extended family and friends, and look forward to days full of activities, outings, social time and entertainment, it’s easy to look forward to getting out of bed every morning. They can’t wait to see their friends and catch up on the latest gossip…err, news!

2. Physical and mental activity.

Sudoku is great for keeping you mentally sharp (if you like that kind of thing), but so is a bantering after dinner conversation. And a leisurely stroll with friends or a morning stretch class is good for both the body and soul. Our residents enjoy plenty of activity, both mentally and physically. Our life enrichment director and their peers make sure to provide fun and varied opportunities to work out their minds and bodies.

3. Better nutrition.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But we think that every meal is important, especially when it’s well balanced, and – did we say – delicious! An apple a day is important, and our nutritionists carefully plan our meals to be appealing and support nutritional needs of our residents.

4. Safety and security.

Our residents have peace of mind knowing a safety-net of services is in place should they need it.  By joining our continuing care community, our residents have planned for their future.  They know they will not be a burden to their family, giving them peace of mind as well.

5. Spiritual support.

Connecting to the Higher Power is such an important part of our residents’ spiritual wellbeing. It brings peace to the soul, and refreshment for the day. And statistics show that people who pray have happier and healthier lives. Our residents have the time and opportunity to enjoy and nurture their spiritual lives in our weekly services and throughout their daily lives. Everyone is welcome to take part in our services and enjoy the benefits of spiritual enrichment.

6. Care and oversight.

Our residents are always on our minds – and we carefully watch over them. We develop strong bonds. We are family. Unlike folks living at home, our residents get plenty of care and attention every single day.

7. Extended family.

Did we mention that we are all family? We eat together, play together and enjoy each other’s company. When someone needs a little extra help – either physically or emotionally – we’re there for each other. Our family is your family.

Sound like a great life!?

Don’t take our word for it, come by and visit and see for yourself how good your life can be here. We’d love to meet you and introduce you to plenty of your future friends. Join us for a meal, or ice cream, or just to chat. It’ll be easy to see why our residents live longer, happier, healthier lives – the Good Life!

Abernethy Laurels is an award-winning senior living community in Newton, NC.  We hope you found this information valuable as you make plans for the future.  There’s really no better time to consider a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) like Abernethy Laurels.  Call us today – come for lunch – we love showcasing our community!

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