Abernethy Laurels Offers a Travel Lodging Program

October 29, 2018

Residents of Abernethy Laurels have a unique opportunity to travel to and explore other partnering retirement communities across the United States.  The program is called Passport to Travel and is becoming a very popular way for residents to explore new places, relax somewhere they’ve never been or just visit family.

Visit Seattle’s Space Needle, explore the historic capitol of New Hampshire or head down South to the world’s largest living history museum at Colonial Williamsburg— the options are endless with Passport to Travel.

Passport to Travel is a first-of-its-kind travel program initiated by The Council for Health and Human Service Ministries (CHHSM).  It allows residents to lodge free of charge at seventeen sister communities of their choice for up to two weeks. 

Designed by CHHSM’s Senior Services Collaborative (CSSC), the program enhances the quality of seniors’ lives by allowing them to travel and experience the radical hospitality of CHHSM’s ministries while taking in all the sights of a new city. Residents cover only their travel costs and can take full advantage of all the features their destination community has to offer (incidental expenses not included).

“Passport to Travel is the ultimate senior living amenity for those leading an active and engaged lifestyle.” stated Joy Cline, liaison for the Passport to Travel program for United Church Homes & Services. “Our residents are very excited about the possibilities of traveling and enjoying their retirement in a new and different way.”

Most, if not all of the communities offer pet-friendly lodging, walking/biking paths, pool, fitness centers, library, beauty shop, and a host of other amenities.  Residents are able to take advantage of all these items at a senior-friendly, supportive community with the same values and traditions of service they expect from their home community. 

For more information about the more than 45-year tradition of excellence and first-class amenities for active seniors at Abernethy Laurels, a continuing care retirement community, please call toll free 877-637-7941 or 828-465-8519 or [email protected], visit us at www.abernethylaurels.org  or find us on www.facebook.com/abernethylaurels.