Best Gift for Your Adult Children: Moving to a CCRC

November 25, 2020

Moving to a retirement community is a big decision, but being armed with knowledge will help you make an informed decision. Retirement communities like Abernethy Laurels in Newton, North Carolina can offer many perks. Consider giving your children the best gift. We've listed 3 reasons below.

1. Maintenance and Worry-Free Living

Independent/residential living communities like Abernethy Laurels offer a few different living options. Some communities have apartments within one large building, single family homes within a community or town homes. No matter which option you choose, within the monthly rent or buy-in fee is a maintenance fee that is built in. This covers outdoor maintenance, indoor maintenance, the common grounds throughout the community and appliances. Move into a residential living home or apartment and you will no longer be responsible for mowing the lawn, shoveling the driveway when it snows, fixing the water heater, replacing the roof, or any other unexpected problems that come with owning your own home.

2. Socialization and Entertainment

Many residents living in a retirement community say that retirement is similar to college. Socializing and activities are once again a very important part of life now that you are able to spend time doing the things you want to do. Independent/residential living communities like Abernethy Laurels recognize this and plan activities and events for the residents to take advantage of. Whether it’s taking a trip to a local theatre, gathering with friends for cocktail hour in the dining room, movie nights in the ball room or a tee time at a local golf course, the staff at independent living communities make sure that there is something for all of the residents to enjoy.

3. Assistance if you Need It

Continuing care communities like Abernethy Laurels offer care and services should you need it. It's scary to think of what would happen if you needed help and no one was there to help. Moving to a CCRC is a great way to gain peace of mind. CCRC's like Abernethy Laurels offer catered living services, assisted living, home care, health care, and rehabilitation.

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