A Celtic Blessing & Devotion

April 20, 2020




God with me lying down,

God with me rising up,

God with me in each ray of light,

Nor I a ray of joy without God,

            Nor one ray without God.

Christ with me sleeping,

Christ with me waking,

Christ with me watching.

Every day and night,

            Every day and night.

God with me protecting,

The Lord with me directing,

The Spirit within me strengthening,

For ever and for evermore.

            Ever and evermore.  Amen.

This a beautiful Celtic blessing that can be prayed day after day.  The Celtic people lived in Ireland and Great Britain and their blessings are an ancient tradition, one that existed long before Christianity came to the British Isles. When Christianity came some of the blessings were reworked to reflect the Christian faith.  “The Celts believed that words had the power to evoke the sacred and that even the simplest and most commonplace of human actions should be invested with ritual and prayer.”[2]  There are blessings for  things such as sowing seed, washing dishes, milking a cow, a new baby, walking the dog, and the death of a loved one.  There are blessings for waking, for the morning, for breakfast, at the midday, the evening meal, at the sunset, and for night.

If we were to say blessings for the simple moments throughout our day, what would they be?  Here are some thoughts: Bless the quiet that You may speak to me in my heart; Bless the sound of the birds, that I hear the music of the heavens; Bless the smiles and words of another, that I may find cheer and affection; Bless the bright soft green of the budding trees, that I may find new growth in me; Bless these whom I tend to, that in service I may find your presence; Bless this task I don’t want to do, that I may see it as holy work; Bless the coffee I drink, that its warmth will soothe my spirit; Bless the hands that made my meal, and the ones of those who clean it up; Bless the voices of my loved ones on the phone, that we may feel connected despite the distance; Bless those that are healers, who bear kindness and compassion; Bless me, Holy Friend, in my thoughts, words and actions.

Prayer: O God of all blessings, may our eyes be open to the simple blessings of each day, even when they seem to be hard to find. Amen.