Community Engagement - Catawba County

September 9, 2016

United Church Homes and Services contracted the services of Holleran Community Engagement Research and Consulting to go beyond “our walls” to understand the needs of our service area in Davidson County.  102 in-depth interviews were completed with people who have diverse backgrounds, expertise and opinions regarding issues facing older adults.

A snapshot of older adult demographics for Catawba County is below:

-Approximately 40% of those 65+ live alone

-Number of those 65+ living at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level in Catawba County totals 4,869

-37% of those 65+ are disabled

A report card for Catawba County is attached listing areas of strength and areas of opportunity.

United Church Homes and Services welcomes the opportunity to mobilize resources and partner to address the needs in Catawba County.

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