Living Life to Its Fullest: An inspiration to all of us

May 13, 2015

Margaret "Peg" Darling, a 92-year-old Abernethy Laurels resident is evidence that age is just a number. Peg was in her late 40s and living in Marietta, Georgia when she enrolled in a local pottery class. After several lessons and spilled water bowls, throwing pottery became a hobby for Peg. She enjoyed the texture of the clay and using her hands to create art, a feeling she describes "meaningful."

Peg's love of making pottery is shared with her oldest daughter Connie, who lives in Texas. Due to moves and life happenings, more than 35 years passed without Peg partaking in her favorite pastime. That was until recently when Connie planned a visit with her mom and arranged for them to go to Dirty Ankle Pottery in Newton. Since more than three decades had come and gone, Peg was excited and anxious about her abilities to try pottery again.

Like riding a bicycle, the moment Peg sat down at the pottery wheel many of her skills came back. Peg and her daughter spent hours laughing and reminiscing in the pottery studio. They each made a special piece of art that day. That piece of pottery does not only serve as a reminder of the fun-filled day they had together, it's a reminder to all of us to live life to the fullest.