May is Better Speech and Hearing Month

May 29, 2021

Better Hearing and Speech Month was founded in 1927 by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Each May, this annual event provides an opportunity to raise awareness about hearing and speech problems, and to encourage people to think about their own hearing and get their hearing checked.


Adopt better habits-

Improve your hearing and speech by following some simple routines. Avoid too much noise — lower the volume on your earphones, wear hearing protectors, plant a tree as a noise buffer. Improve your speech clarity by speaking to yourself in the mirror or repeating tongue twisters.

Talk about your journey-

If you’ve experienced a communication disorder in your lifetime, or if you know of someone who has (and you have permission to share their story), sharing this will not only prove cathartic but can influence someone else to seek help without stigma or hesitation.

Share educational material online-

ASHA dedicates this month to spreading awareness and encouraging open conversations about hearing and speech problems. For this, they share informational content like infographics and videos on their social media accounts, websites, and blogs. You too can do your part by sharing this material with your connections and contacts.

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