Partnering to Prevent Falls

November 14, 2020

Abernethy Laurels strives to deliver quality care to everyone we serve. When it comes to safety and falls, it is our goal to bring awareness about the risks associated with a fall and communicate the methods for reducing the likeliness of sustaining injuries related from a fall.

As part of our falls prevention program, the following information is provided in an effort to reduce the incidence of falls and minimize injuries associated with a fall.  

What is considered a “fall”?  Our definition of a fall is:

an unintentional change in position coming to rest on the ground, floor or onto the next lower surface such as a bed, chair or bedside mat.  The fall may be witnessed, reported by the resident, observer or identified when a resident is found on the floor or ground. 
an intercepted or “close call” occurs when the resident would have fallen if he or she had not caught him/herself or had not been intercepted by another person—however, this event is still considered a fall.

Falls are the leading cause of injury among adults age 65 or older with the most common injury being hip fractures. Other complications include loss of confidence in mobility and reduced activity resulting in muscle weakening and increased risk of falling again.

Common causes of falls include:

physical and mental effects of aging, including problems with balance or gait, impaired vision, and/or confusion;
medical factors such as Parkinson’s disease, urinary tract infections, and dementia;
effects of medications; and/or
environmental conditions such as floor coverings, furniture placement, and poor use of assistive devices.

While it is not likely to completely eliminate falls from occurring, intervention and education can greatly minimize the risks, frequency and injuries from a fall.


Resident assessments
Environmental assessments
Medication review
Frequent rounding to address residents’ personal needs
Proper use of assistive devices
Exercise and balance training
Identification of resident’s special needs
Education of residents and family members

Through open and honest communication, Abernethy Laurels hopes to partner with families and residents to customize a plan of care to include lessening the risk, frequency and/or severity of falls. To learn more, call us at 828.464.8260.