Resident Testimonial: Tom and Kate Wedrychowicz

September 14, 2020

If you have no place to call home, little or no friends or family, your journey is about to  begin. Your life is about to change. The old saying “I’m too old to start over” is not true. If anything else, do yourself a favor and visit personally. Abernethy Laurels and our marketing team will take great care of you.

You will be welcomed with open arms and smiles. The first thing is that you will notice is a young administrative staff that professes proactive, positive, and family values. Your presentation will be filled with facts, documents and answers to your questions.

You need to have an escorted drive around the village campus.  Notice the impeccable landscaped terrain. Trees, flowers, bushes and manicured lawns are our sweet spot. Your tour will cover our tranquil Memorial Gardens along with the Community Center building with the large clock tower.  This is where fellowship and new family feelings begin for you. All of us here have gone through the same issues as you. Selling your home, packing, moving, unpacking and getting used to your new surroundings is frustrating and stressful. Our advice: Do it! Get past it! Your new life begins now!

The above statement mirrors what I and my wife (Tom and Kate Wedrychowicz) went through 4 years ago. We could not have been more pleased with the start and the continuing journey here at Abernethy Laurels.


Resident testimonial provided by: Tom and Kate Wedrychowicz, Village residents