Abernethy Laurels Resident Zooms Through the Air

November 5, 2019

Many older adults can be found playing a round of bingo or knitting. Not Mickey Glickman. Glickman is a resident at Abernethy Laurels retirement community in Newton, NC, who craves real adventure! At the top of her adventure list – ziplining!

Glickman, who is 82 years old, has always considered herself daring. In late summer, the retirement community where she lives had a trip planned to the coast, but when a hurricane was expected to make landfall the trip was canceled. Glickman was disappointed. She wanted to be on the beach when the hurricane arrived to feel the strong winds and jump in the choppy ocean water. And when Glickman and her friends at the retirement community went on a cruise a few months back, Glickman could not wait to go down the spiraling slide that started on the 14th deck of the cruise ship.

A couple of weeks ago Glickman mentioned to a staff member at Abernethy Laurels that she really wanted to go ziplining. “Mickey shared with me that she had been wanting to go ziplining for a long time,” said Greg Rossidivito, director of life enrichment at Abernethy Laurels. “At first I thought she was joking, but she wasn’t.”

Rossidivito nominated Glickman for a Grant a Dream, a program through the retirement community that strives to create experiences and special moments for older adults. Glickman was selected. On Friday, Rossidivito and Glickman went to the US Whitewater Center in Charlotte and soared through the air exactly like Glickman had dreamed of doing. The experience was as wonderful as she expected it to be.

“Gliding through the air was so exhilarating,” shared Glickman. “I had wanted to zipline for years, but never felt like I had the right opportunity. Now at 82 years old, the timing just felt right.”

Glickman said she has always been considered a little daring, but her desire for adventure has grown stronger with age. When asked what her family thought of her recent ziplining experience, Glickman said, “Nothing really surprises them anymore. They are glad that I’m having fun and living life to the fullest.”

Next on Glickman’s bucket list is rafting in the Colorado River.