Abernethy Laurels Residents, Authors Give Lake Norman Presentation

January 20, 2017

Well-known photojournalists Bill and Diana Gleasner recently gave a presentation at Abernethy Laurels about their experiences spanning the globe writing and photographing travel articles and books.

The Gleasners are an award-winning writer/photographer team that have over 30 published books to their credit including the popular Popoki series for children, as well as hundreds of articles for national and international magazines and newspapers.

The presentation at Abernethy Laurels highlighted their book, Lake Norman Reflections, which is a culmination of over one year of photos and stories about Lake Norman, tracing the history in photos and words.  The book covers the people, traditions, and culture of the lake. The Gleasners say they launched their studies into Lake Norman with The Black Dog and the Red Barn, their quest to find the source of Lake Norman. Throughout the book, the couple explored Lake Norman State Park trails and were able to capture aerial views of the lake and its nearby communities.

Along with their presentation, guests were served a wide array of foods. The menu consisted of numerous dishes that were amongst the Gleasners favorites during their global travels to places like Asia, France, India and the American Low Country. 

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