Abernethy Laurels Spotlights Senior Care Industry Jobs for Local 8th Graders

October 9, 2018

Abernethy Laurels, an active retirement community in Newton, recently participated in the local school system’s Education Matters STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Tours. The exclusive opportunity gave area 8th graders from Newton-Conover Middle School the chance to learn about careers in the senior care industry through a behind-the-scenes, in-depth tour.

In an effort to demonstrate career opportunities in the senior care industry, Abernethy Laurels team members organized 3 stations where students could get hands-on learning experiences in several career choices. With the retirement community’s energetic chef providing a cooking demonstration, students learned about numerous occupations in the dining services and hospitality field. “It’s important that these students are exposed to unique experiences like this so that it can help guide their decisions about classes to start taking in high school,” shared Chef Craig Reimann.

Students were equally amused with their experiences learning what the rehabilitation/therapy and activities departments offer the residents. One student was overheard saying that they could not wait to get a job at Abernethy Laurels when they are old enough so they can have fun and get paid doing it. “We wanted to show these students that working with older adults is definitely not boring,” stated Amy Carter, director of activities at Abernethy Laurels. “Although there are times when you have to put in the necessary paperwork and planning, this age group is extremely rewarding to work with.”

The last station gave students a peek into clinical opportunities. Nurses at Abernethy Laurels provided students with stethoscopes to practice listening to the heartbeats of their peers. In addition, students were given the chance to taste thickened liquids, a medical dietary adjustment that thickens the consistency of fluids in order to prevent choking or other issues with those having trouble swallowing. The clinical staff made suggestions to the students on classes to take while in high school that can better prepare them for a career in health care.

“It was such an honor for us to host these 8th graders and give them an idea of what we do day in and day out,” said Amber McIntosh, executive director at Abernethy Laurels. “We hope we sparked some interest for career choices in the senior care industry. With an influx of baby boomers starting to enter retirement age, we need our future workforce to see the opportunities coming. The STEM tour allowed us to spotlight the pride in our work and the passion behind our chosen careers.”

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