Area First Responders and Medical Workers Thank One Another

April 16, 2020

First responders from the City of Newton and the surrounding areas came together to thank workers at Abernethy Laurels, the largest senior living provider in Catawba County.

Vehicles from Newton Fire, Newton Police, Catawba County Sheriff’s Office, Catawba County EMS, and Catawba Police Department sounded their sirens and flashed their lights as they made their way in parade-form past healthcare workers lining the streets of the retirement community. Medical workers waved American flags and held posters expressing appreciation and support of the emergency services personnel. When news of the parade made its way to residents living at Abernethy Laurels, they were also eager to participate. Residents stepped outside their homes to cheer and wave as first responders drove by.

“It’s was a beautiful moment to see heroes, those on the front lines now, coming together to thank one another,” shared Amber McIntosh, executive director at Abernethy Laurels. “We are proud to be in a city that has a strong sense of community despite the challenges our nation is facing.”

Footage of the heartwarming moment, being referred to by Abernethy Laurels as a “Hero 2 Hero” parade, shows healthcare workers wearing protective face masks and cheering from a distance as ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars passed by.

“The real message everyone is trying to relay is that together we are much stronger,” added McIntosh.