An Ark Encounter

August 31, 2020

Resident Ruth Graham and her late husband had always wanted to visit the Noah’s Ark replica in Kentucky. Time passed and unfortunately the couple never made it to see the vessel before his passing and her moving to Abernethy Laurels. And while we couldn’t take her to Kentucky – we did the next best thing- we brought the ark experience to her. Complete with a rainbow, animals from Buffalo Beal’s Farm of Maiden (thank you Beal family), Noah and his wife – Ruth watched a virtual tour of the ark and received a book of the Ark Encounter full of vibrant photos that she can view anytime.

Ruth’s dream nomination was submitted by Megan S. Elmore, social work director.

A thank you to the entire Activities Department and Chaplain Susan Roddey for the decorations, special touches, coordination, and for dressing the part. Please be sure to thank them for their fun-natured spirit and willingness to jump-in and do anything for a resident.

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