Dollar-A-Day Boys Music Tribute at Abernethy Laurels

March 14, 2016

Abernethy Laurels invites the public to attend a musical tribute to the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) on Wednesday, March 16 at 2pm in their Community Center. Bill Jamerson will deliver his “Dollar-A-Day-Boys” program, a charming mixture of songs, storytelling, and history.

During the Great Depression, the basic needs of life were hard to come by. A new job works program was created by the federal government called the Civilian Conservation Corps that paid many young men, mostly teenagers, a “dollar-a-day”. Those who signed up soon found themselves in rugged terrain all across the country spending long days planting trees and building roads. Over 75,000 young men served in North Carolina alone.

Throughout their time of service, these young men developed good work habits, gained confidence and made life-long friends. The job skills they learned helped many find a job when they left camp. The Civilian Conservation Corps often turned out to be the most important event in their young lives, as it helped develop many boys into men.

Since 1992, Bill Jamerson has researched the CCC, produced a documentary for Michigan PBS, recorded a CD of songs, and wrote a historical novel.

The “Dollar-a-Day Boys” musical tribute is open and free to the public. Abernethy Laurels is located at 102 Leonard Ave, Newton, NC 28658. To attend the presentation, please make a reservation by contacting Rob Hartsell at 828-465-8519 or [email protected]