A Homecoming to Remember…

August 8, 2018

Abernethy Laurels resident David Arndt devoted many years of his life protecting and serving our community. A true-blue public servant, he spent over 30 years with Catawba County Sheriff’s Office, over 20 years with Catawba Fire Department, and several years with Claremont Police Department. While this sounds honorable, it’s important to keep in mind that many of these roles were unpaid (or paid very little) since he was a reserve deputy and a volunteer firefighter. The risks with these duties were the same.

Mr. David Arndt was welcomed back with open arms to his hometown of Catawba on the evening of August 7. Holding true to all the sentiments about a one stoplight town, the town of Catawba might be small but it is full of heart! A marquee at the fire department informed the community David was coming. Before his 5pm arrival, David had numerous members of the community waiting to see him. David shook hands and reminisced with a steady flow of visitors ranging from old friends, church members, to current and retired firefighters and law enforcement officers. David got to peek inside a police car to see how technology has advanced since he was an officer and he got to see many of the fire trucks he once drove. There were many good stories shared about him responding to fire and police calls that brought laughter to the crowd. The highlight of the evening took place when David was presented not one….not two….but three recognitions. A plaque was given to him representing all the agencies in which he served, the Town of Catawba presented a proclamation recognizing his years of public service, and the City of Claremont presented him a copy of his Oath of Office (complete with his original signature). This Grant a Dream took a community to make happen, but the smile on David’s face proves just how meaningful the evening was!

More photos can be viewed here: https://www.hickoryrecord.com/gallery/gallery-celebration-of-service-for-david-arndt/collection_87134f36-9a97-11e8-b067-c3b5fe14bf65.html

In addition to the caring and compassionate individuals who seek to go above and beyond for those we serve, this project is made possible by Grant a Dream™. The goal of Grant a Dream™ is to renew and celebrate a passion while creating joy within the hearts of seniors served by United Church Homes and Services. To learn more about Grant a Dream™ contact Shaylyn Ladd.