Perfect Place to be this Spring

April 29, 2020

Welcome to Abernethy Laurels, a licensed continuing care retirement community located on a 120-acre wooded site in Newton, NC, embraced by laughter, inspiration and purposeful living. The Abernethy Laurels community includes cottages, villas, and apartments with full service conveniences of maintenance-free living. An abundance of engaging programs and activities are planned to encourage living life to its fullest.

Hear first-hand from resident, Dick Bruns: “Initially our goal, in choosing Abernethy Laurels, was to become part of a community that had continuing care, comfortable and affordable housing and hosted a vibrant community. I admit to being tired of the seemingly constant chores associated with owning a home and was ready for someone else to do it. The chief reason I had for coming to Abernethy Laurels was their continuing care component. Regina, my wife, and I had taken care of our parents in their final years and I consider coming here as our last and perhaps the greatest gift we could give our four children.” “After moving here, however, we found something far more important than continuing care. We found a real community, not some pseudo crafted community imagined by a developer.

Here at Abernethy Laurels are people that share our interests, hobbies and look to the future with genuine enthusiasm. We all have lived long lives full of great stories and accomplishments and do not mind sharing with others. In addition the staff is absolutely wonderful! As I typed that last sentence I can almost hear you thinking ….yea, right! Okay, should you come here for a visit I challenge you to find a resident that does not agree with my statement. Finally let me say, the things available to do here are many and my wife and I have to limit our participation to leave enough time for our hobbies and personal time. Look us up if you come to visit, we’ll enjoy meeting you.”

Abernethy Laurels … experience us. 877.637.7941 TOLL FREE OR 828.464.8260

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