Residents at Abernethy Laurels Sprinkle Love in Their Community

August 1, 2018

Both residents at Abernethy Laurels, Lou Grandmaison and Sarah Bostian have a strong desire to help others in their community. Lou and Sarah are both active within LINC (Linked in New Creative) Ministries and give freely of their time by volunteering in numerous capacities. When the two ladies heard about a need in our county to help foster children, they immediately jumped into action. “There are over 300 children in Catawba County currently in foster care. When children are placed into foster care, many times it’s unplanned leaving the children without essential items,” shared Lou.

Lou decided that she wanted to organize a supply drive at Abernethy Laurels, the retirement community where she resides. “Our community is filled with others that want to make a difference. I knew when staff and residents heard about this need, they would open their hearts and wallets,” stated Lou.  Sprinkle Some Love, the name of the supply drive, was an effort to collect school supplies, hygiene products, and therapy/calming items. Within a week, the once empty barrel was overflowing with supplies. “I’m so proud of our collection efforts,” shared Lou. “It warms my heart to know that we are making a difference in the lives of local children – we are sprinkling love right here in our own community.”

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