Residents Use Cursive Writing to Connect with Students

October 21, 2019

Abernethy Laurels resident Dick Bruns has been concerned for some time that cursive writing is a dying form of writing as it is no longer taught in all schools. Last spring he contacted Liz Cronan, a teacher friend of his, who works in the Sugarloaf Elementary school in Alexander County, and asked her if she teaches cursive to her students. She said "yes" and Dick asked her if some of our folks could form a pen pal club to write to her students in cursive and hopefully have them write back. Liz was very happy to say "yes", but it had to wait until this September. This is how this whole project began. Dick then asked for village resident volunteers and was very gratified at the response and now has 23 volunteer (28 including spouses) who will be writing to 41 students of whom 24 are boys. There was a meeting on September 11th where Liz Cronan came and talked to our group. It is likely each volunteer will be assigned one student each. They will be using lined note paper and according to Liz should “write big”. Some have expressed an interest to add things with their monthly note, such as pictures or postcards, to increase interest; Liz will have to OK this great suggestion. Apparently lots of villagers feel the same way as Dick does as twenty five have volunteered. They are: Bruns, Richard and Regina. Bull, Phyllis. Chester, Linda. Compton, Marge. Drum, Janet. Erickson, Marjo. Greiner, Lee and Gretchen. Glickman, Mickey. Greiss, Bobby. Helten, Gere. Holland, Bob and Ina. Lawson, Linda. Lindsey, Mary Lou. Mittelman, Becky. Muller, Charlie. Mursch, Sara. Pounds, Barbara. Richter, Diane. Sudmeyer, Elizabeth. Wedrychowicz, Tom and Kate. Watson, Nancy. Williams, Roger and Beverly. Yost, Patty. Although this is an impressive list, Dick will welcome others who would like to join this worthwhile project.