A Single Rose Makes Big Impact

June 14, 2019

Kind, humble, giving, sincere. Those are just a few of the words to describe residents Walter and Helen Boone. When employee Holly Rudisill was Home Care Director in 2015, Helen gave her a rose that brightened a day that had been very challenging. Holly never forgot how that small gesture made her feel. Wanting to do the same in return, Holly turned a normal day into a special one for the Boones. Through the Grant a Dream program, Holly and about 10 other team members that work closely with the Boones surprised the couple with several bouquets of roses (to enjoy in their apartment and at their table in Laurel Woods) and planters of roses for their patio. The special part – Holly made a card with the photo of the actual rose Helen gave her on the cover. Inside was an inspirational message from Holly and signatures of numerous team members who have experienced the kindness of this couple. 

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